200 h. Yoga Teacher Training, International

Yoga Teacher Training dates:
Tuscany, Italy,May 26th –  June 14th – 2018
Costa Rica, September 1st – 22nd – 2018
Costa Rica,  October 6th – 27th  2018

The core of these programs are one month Yoga teacher training intensives at amazing health resorts

Alignment based Vinyasa Yoga – 200 Hours / 3 weeks

This training will prepare and certify participants to:

We will learn the asanas in their classic form as well as from a developmental perspective; offering a deep understanding of how the body moves. We will also explore the body from a therapeutic perspective, applying the breath, Thai massage and yoga therapeutic techniques.

  • Teach a Vinyasa yoga class with precise adjustments and intelligent sequencing.
  • Understand common skeletal problems and develop an understanding of how to work preventively and therapeutically
  • Apply Anatomy & Physiology to yoga and movement.
  • Understand the breath and instruct appropriate breathing techniques.
  • Sit in daily meditation and be able to instruct on the art of meditation from direct experience.
  • Students will read and discuss Yoga Sutras, Power of Now and Buddhist teaching.
  • workshops as the lens to again a better understanding of yourself and eventually your students
  • Written and practice assignments, as well as a final written evaluation and teaching demo, round out the program.


  • AWAKEN YOU – 6 evening transformational workshops, a lens to gain a better understanding of yourself and eventually your students
  • Foundational Thai Yoga Therapy Training,  Read More…

Daily schedule 6:30am- 8:30pm

Classes will be held 6 days a week with four days off to rest, enjoy andintegrate what you have learned. There will also be time during the week to go to the beach and relax.. Note! this is subject to change depending on the needs of the group.

Written and practice assignments, as well as a final written evaluation and teaching demo, round out the program.

LagoCph has led international training for over ten years. Peter and Paula, has taught yoga for more than twenty years. The program offers a unique opportunity to immerse fully into the yogic lifestyle to not only graduate as a yoga teacher but to become a better person. Complimented with Foundational training in the ancient art form of Thai Massage, Reflections provides a distinct curriculum and sets the bar for yoga therapy and instruction for the future. Embark on a life-changing journey and discover the freedom of yoga, all while being immersed in a spiritual community in the heart of nature.

Brief description or our 28 Day Intensive YTT

You will leave this training certified to teach yoga through LagoCph Yoga, a 200 and 500 hour yoga alliance registered school. During the training we will explore the body from a holistic perspective. We will learn the asanas in their classic form as well as from a developmental perspective; you will develop a deep understanding of why the body moves as it does and be able to apply yoga therapeutic techniques to your classes.

Yoga was initially developed to bring health to the organs system in order to create vitality and anti-aging by keeping the inner organ body strong and vital. We will learn how to initiate movement from the organ body and see where some movements can be an expression or, conversely, lack of support of the organs.

As we are a trinity of body, mind, and spirit

LagoCph devotes a good portion of the training in helping you to bring to light the things that are blocking your truest expression as a person and teacher. Through the sutras and other various spiritual perspectives you will move through a series of mini workshop that will help you let go of belief systems that are no longer working for you and bring into your life all that you want and hope to be! Think BIG!

It is recommended to use your time off to study and practice teach as well as spend time in quiet and even silence. This is necessary in order to assimilate and digest the work we will be doing together. There is a lot to cover in just 4 weeks and it will require a steadfast commitment on your part in order to complete the course. There will be time for study and practice teaching in order to prepare you for the final. You will be required to keep a journal throughout the program and will need to complete reading and writing assignments on time and there should be no more than one day of absence during the course. Attendance will be taken and more than 2 absences will restrict you from gaining certification.

Keep in mind, this is a journey of self-discovery, a time to release attachments to what is familiar and constricting. In order not to disrupt each other’s process, we will, as a group, abstain from the following during the course: sexual activity, drinking alcohol, smoking or drug use. This is not a time to vacation and party; it is a time for purification and clarity. On the evenings/days you have off, you are welcome to do what you wish as long as it does not disrupt the energy of the group. After the final testing is over, we will have a celebration party and prepare for integration into the real world.


The rooms are  beautiful. They all have electricity and water. The shared rooms have two single beds. A few singles  often a double bed.

Morning fruit and 3 meals (optional vegetarian)  will be served daily.

Classes, accommodations and food are included in the price of the training This price is based on double occupancy. Texts and teacher training manual are not included in the cost and should be purchased one month before to ensure that you have them in time for the training. You should budget an additional $150 for books. You will be notified of books when signing up.

Students must have 2 blocks, a yoga blanket and a strap.

Anatomy of movement  – Blandine calais-germain
The Illustrated Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar
The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

A $1000 deposit is due upon acceptance to the program. The balance is due July 1st. You can cancel 6 weeks before the training begins and receive a full refund minus your deposit. Credit cards are accepted.

The Lagocph Yoga teacher training program is fully registered at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance. We have recently updated our school to meet the Yoga Alliance E-RYT status.
Upon satisfactory completion of the course, each trainee will receive a Certificate of Completion as a yoga teacher. You will have foundational training in Thai Massage. Trainees who complete the necessary contact hours and non contact hours can register with Yoga Alliance, the national yoga teacher’s organization.

Application Checklist
Please make sure to include the following with your printed application or mail the requested items after you have submitted your online application:

$1000.00 deposit. (This $1000.00 deposit ensures you a place if you are accepted. Anyone who submits the $1000.00 deposit and is not accepted for this training will have the full $1000.00 refunded. Anyone who has not sent in their deposit and is accepted to the training must send in the deposit at the time of acceptance to ensure his/her place.)

What people say:

“About the training- My practice is forever transformed. I have learnt how to live my life in awe of the moments in between the moments”-Melodie Rodriguez Naturopath

“The month I spent at this training was perhaps the most transforming experience of my life…I am finally emerging into the teacher who has always been inside of me!”- Katie O’Connell, Educator


“The intense training at Anamaya was everything I was looking for!”- Miriam Vanessa Munoz

“Excellent training. Life changing experience overall.”- Kay Middlebrook

“I thoroughly enjoyed the reflections teacher training programme. I felt our teacher was present a lot with us and there was plenty of contact time with her. I felt the alignment basis for this training was great and a brilliant foundation to begin this journey as a yoga teacher.” – Nichola Barnes

“It was truly a needed experience. The training taught me not only yoga and how to teach yoga, it also helped me experience a whole new way of being.” – Jazmine Juarez