Prenatal yoga for physical and emotional empowerment and wellbeing

08/03 - 2017

Time: 9am-1.30pm

Date:  March. 17th 

Price: Kr. 450,-

Prenatal yoga
has become really popular in the past decade and is practiced by more and more pregnant women, as it can help you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, and prepares for labour, birth and postpartum. Prenatal yoga is uniquely designed for pregnant bodies. It mixes strengthening and restorative poses, so that it is physically challenging and emotionally supportive.

This workshop will give you the time and opportunity to focus on nurturing your changing body and to connect with your baby whilst get physical and mental strength. You will learn poses, breathing techniques and meditation/visualisation tools to enhance your wellbeing at each part of your pregnancy, and help you through labour. It will give you confidence, build endurance, restore and relax your body, and help you in your journey as a mother.

What is included in this workshop

  • An overview of the physical and emotional changes for each trimester of the pregnancy
  • A 90 minute prenatal flow sequence to build strength, stamina, and restore the body. It will include a breathing exercise, plenty of time to connect with your baby, top pregnancy asanas, poses to relieve pregnancy ailments, and a long and sweet relaxation (savasana).
  • A 15 minute visualisation and meditation
  • A 15 minute breathing practice to help with labour and childbirthHandout with:
  • Illustrations for anatomical understanding
  • Asanas to help relieve common pregnancy ailments
  • List of top asanas for labour
  • 1 breathing technique to help you through labour
  • 1 visualisation technique to help you through labour.

What will you learn

  • Specific poses and their alignment
  • Specific poses and their alignment to help with common pregnancy ailments, create space in your body
  • The use of meditation, visualization, and breath work to help you throughout your pregnancy, labour and childbirth

How to complete this workshop

  • Understand the changes the pregnant body goes through
  • Practice the sequence designed for pregnancy
  • Read the handout and refer to it as needed


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