Bare Bones Basics  w. Paula Tursi from Reflections Yoga, NYC

28/04 - 2016

3 days 8 hrs each day.  Intensive training with the founder of Reflections Yoga, Paula Tursi

April 29th-may 1st – 2016
all 3 days from 8am – 4 pm

Price: Kr. 2500,-

30 hours (incl. homework) toward 500 hours Advanced Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance

Teaching  yoga for beginners is becoming a highly-sought after skill. As yoga becomes more popular and gains recognition in media and the medical field, people are coming to class and hiring private coaches/instructors for a variety of reasons. Open level classes are intimidating and risky for beginners, as students may have little to no knowledge of how to use their body and frankly basic classes are just not that basic. Where can a student go to gain clear understanding of how an asana is meant to be done?

Teaching the basics requires you to have a solid understanding of how the body moves and to be able to pull the elements of each asana apart so you can teach its components as well as in its entire form. It gives your students a safe and encouraging point of entry and you, the teacher, the confidence to guide your students step by step, giving them a solid foundation and the basics to explore and enjoy yoga in all its forms.

Working one-on-one  and being about to see what a student needs to bring a pose together requires a lot of skill. Acquiring this knowledge is of great value to your professional career as you will be able clearly address your students body with their specific goals and challenges in mind.

“Though you may need to be flexible to teach an advanced class you must know the body and how it moves to teach the building blocks of yoga.” Paula Tursi

What’s Involved

3 days of class time

Home work

In this advanced and comprehensive course, you will learn:

  • The building blocks of 10 of the most important asana
  • How to use anatomy in a class and be able to keep it simple and informative   
  • The art and anatomy of breathing
  • How to use props and how to teach your students to use them
  • You will learn the 10 most useful adjustments


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