Energy Healing Workshop – 7 days intensive

12/07 - 2019

In this seven days course the focus is on healing the human energetic body.

The healing has a positive influence at the physical body as well as the mind. All three of them are connected with each other and need to be in balance to create a good health.

Dates: 13 – 19th of July

Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Price: Kr. 4200,-

What will you learn at this course?

In this course you will learn the energetic system of the human being. This is not just simply theory from a book but taught from the teachers own experience after studying with various tribals and teachers around the world.

When we understand how our energetic body works than we can become more conscious about our own energy system. You will learn a cleansing program to take care of yourself by preventing and unblocking stagnated energy and maintaining a healthy energy flow through the body. This is done with practical exercises that balance the male and female energy, grounding exercises, energetic work for the 7 major chakras, an ancient healing method (energetic massage) and the use of sound vibration with singing bowls.

There will be plenty of time for students to ask personal questions. The main focus of this course is self healing. After you have learnt how to take care of yourself than you can start to help others.

On the last day of the course students have the opportunity to bring a friend or family member for a consult and treatment under guidance of the teacher.

Everyone who is curious about energy, or has an interest in healing themself with energy and maybe would like to help others in the future in this way.

Old students who are keen to learn more about energy work, like to share their experiences after their last course and maybe would like to ask questions.

Therapists and health care professionals who like to gain more information from an holistic perspective about health.


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