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"I couldn't imagine a more ideal instructor to lead me through my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Peter is a true teacher, who has a beautifully systematic yet natural way of threading his teachings together, linking theory and movement together seamlessly. He strikes the perfect balance between deep spiritual teachings and theoretical concepts that allow you to understand body and movement in a necessary way to become a great and responsible facilitator of the yoga teachings. My absolute favourite thing about Peter is that he teaches without ego, he passionately provides information and a safe space for you to become your own teacher, in turn creating a deep self confidence that you can take with you beyond your training. Peter's training was incredibly valuable and I would whole- heartedly recommend it to anyone."

Ania Wazny, Yoga TT, Dec. 29, 2019

"My experience at Anamaya which was led and taught by Peter was extraordinary and an experience I will hold on to forever. Peter's knowledge of the human body was exceptional and his structure and flow in which he teachers is first class. To also be able to learn Thai massage on top of all of the yoga concepts was a total pleasure and if anyone is on the fence with doing a yoga teacher training, don't be, just press book. I can't thank you enough Peter, it was magic, it was uber life x"

Louisa Parry, Anamaya October 2019

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen for producing such a high quality 200hr, we are really blessed. I realized this after training with many “yoga superstars” Thanks for setting me up for success Peter ?"

Ashtynne Hudecz – Anamaya YTT – OCT 2015

"Ten years ago I completed my first yoga teacher training on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
One of the most transformational experiences I have ever done. It was a tremendous opening to a journey to understand myself, to heal myself and my ancestors.
Creating passion of teaching yoga, self-healing and self-love."

Chrys Muszka, 2019 words on 2009 training

"Thank you for everything, Peter! I wish I could leave some "constructive" feedback for you, but I truly enjoyed Everything about the October YTT. I hope to reconnect in the future. Namaste."

Rebecca – YTT 2019

"There are no words that can describe this 21 days in Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica that we spent during this YTT with Peter.
I will always remember this experience my hole life. I’m 21 years old and this was an adventure that changed my life.
Peter teaches in a way that you can understand no matter if you don’t speak English as your first language. philosophy, anatomy, asanas, teaching techniques, sequencing to Thai massage and more.
Peter has a kind way, a organize form to teach everything that he has planned.. at the proper time you will now it all. His always in a good mood and that’s why we all where always happy with interest to learn from him.
We had amazing meditation and silence mornings. Every day we practiced a new breathing technique. So powerful each and everyone.
I confirmed that yoga has plenty of things to understand and learn and my journey started deeply with Peter and will for sure continue my hole life.
Always grateful.

Yoga Teacher Training with Peter Kaaberbøl

"Peter is a very kind and knowledgable instructor. He always remains friendly, compassionate and calm. His YTT is based on body awareness and alignment. You will learn to be your own guide and your movements and poses will never be the same again, neither in yoga class nor in daily life. Your entire body will be perfectly aligned and you will find that there is a whole new quality to the way you interact with your body. You will learn to use your body within healthy parameters, avoiding any possible injuries. Peter's style of teaching is fairly technical, but his loving and humorous ways will guide you through it with ease. His spiritual teachings are based on the "The Power of Now" and "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali", combining ancient Indian wisdom with a modern approach to spirituality. I highly recommend Peter's YTT to any yogi who strives to gain a deep understanding of his/her body and mind through the practice of the art of yoga."

YTT Anamaya Costa Rica, Oct 12 – Nov 2, 2019

"Peters process to teaching is methodical and thorough. Each day is a building block to the previous one. He provides an incredible depth of knowledge on the topics covered, in such a way that it becomes ingrained in the body and mind. The incorporation of Thai massage is a beautiful gift. As a student in this training, it gave a hands on approach to reinforce the anatomy, alignment and breath work that was being taught.

The focus on alignment and Prana was the highlight of the training for me. It completely changed the way my body moves and elevated my yoga practice.

I look forward to sharing that knowledge with others. Thank you Peter!"

Summer – YTT- Costa Rica – November 2019

"The yoga teacher training hosted at Anamaya and taught by Peter was the most magical and transformative experience I have ever had. Peter teaches with such a great understanding of the human form, helping students discover connections and awaken parts of the body that were previously not accessible. The practical method in which he teaches anatomy is comprehensive and accessible for yogis of all backgrounds. Peter helped me find great length in my practice and discover a deeper understanding of my alignment. I look forward to continuing my studies, keeping in mind all of the life-changing connections (both physically and philosophically) that we discovered throughout the month."

YTT – October 12 – November 2

"Det har været en fantastisk rejse. Jeg vidste slet ikke at yoga rummede alle de lag, som blev foldet ud i løbet af uddannelsen af de meget dygtige og meget forskellige undervisere."

Betina Thaarup – Yogalæreruddannelse 2019

"Min udvikling på LagoCPH har været en fantastisk rejse. En rejse som har givet mig en dybere indsigt i hvem jeg som person er, en rejse som har givet mig en større kropslig forståelse, og en rejse som har givet mig mulighed for at dykke ned i nogle psykologiske og filosofiske syn på den verden jeg lever i - individuelt ligesåvel som i fællesskabet.
For mig har sammensætningen af uddannelsen været essentiel, fordi den har givet mig muligheden for fordybelse, en mulighed jeg ikke ville have haft, havde forløbet været kortere - tid til at observere, absorbere, og bearbejde alle indtrykkene.

En varm tak til Amélie, Chrell og Peter!

Yogalæreruddannelse maj 18 - Jesper Bidstrup"

Jesper Bidstrup, yogalærerudd. 2018-19

"Kære Peter, Chrell og Amélie, Tak for et meget berigende forløb!
Sikke en fordybelsesrejse ind i yogaens verden. Den har sat mange tanker, følelser og kropslige oplevelser i gang hos mig - især arbejdet med "bandhaer " og åndedrættet. Det har også været fantastisk at får en dybere forståelse af anatomien (det har helt sikkert givet mig en større kropsbevidsthed og givet mig mange aha oplevelser).
Denne rejse har i allerhøjeste grad været en rejse ind i mig selv. Yogaen kan være et fantastisk redskab for at blive klogere på sig selv. At turde se sine sårbarheder (og styrker) i øjnene kan gøre os til mere autentiske og nærværende mennesker.

Så endnu en gang, tak for inspirationen!!!"

Yogalæreruddannelse – 2019, Cristina Revez

"For me this was a perfect education as I wanted to know about the body anatomi and alignments. It was deep and with a good understanding. I also liked the massage as it taught me how different all bodies are and the respect you need as a yoga teacher to each individuel you teach.
I can highly recommend LagoCph."

Louise Juel Severin, Yoga uddannelse, 18/19

"Uddannelsen hos LAGO CPH har intet mindre end ændret mit liv. Jeg kan kun beskrive med ét ord hvad det betydet for mig at have gået på skolen, -alt.
Jeg dybt taknemmelig over den indsigt i mig selv og resten af verden det har givet mig. Jeg har fået en indre ro men det har også tændt en glød jeg ikke før har lagt mærke til og givet mig uendelig meget motivation for at fortsætte denne vidunderlige rejse."

Jonas Jiang, Yogalæreudannelse, Januar 2018

"Peter my Danish Buddha, has been an inspirational pure form, peace kindness and love: Extremely open and knowledgeable, always putting his best foot forward and creating a welcoming space for all of his students, treating everyone as equals. As someone who plans to open a yoga studio one day, who is also a body-worker, Peter is phenomenal to work with based on his precious and personal experience. Namaste Jake Shawn"

Costa Rica Yoga Training – Sept. 2018

"It was one of the best experience I´ve ever had, thank you for everything you gave us and shared with us.
I am so happy with all i´ve learnt and can´t wait to be yoga teacher.
And don´t forget the retreat in Marocco 🙂 Meryem"

Intensive Ytt – Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica 2018

"Thank you for your serenity. This quality was evident from the first time I saw your picture until just now with the piercing lokk you gave me when you hugged me after I taught my exam class. It has been an honor and a great joy to recieve your teachings.
As much as I have practiced yoga and crossfit over the past decade, I have always lived in my head... this month September 2018, however, I feel like I have started to step into my body.
Thank You, Trevor Dougherty "

Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica 2018

"Det har været en inspirerende og livsbekræftende rejse at være en del af holdet og sammen gå på opdagelse i de mange forskellige dele af uddannelsen. En opmuntrende rejse - som fortsætter efter eksamen!"

Johannes, Yogalæreruddannelse, 14/5 2018

"Kan klart anbefale LagoCph. Super kompetente og dedikerede undervisere, som alle gør deres bedste for at formidle yogaens forunderlige verden."

Marianne Holm. Uddannet yogalærer febr 2018

"En hel igennem veltilrettelagt og godt gennemført uddannelse. Masser af fokus på yogafilosofi og anatomi med dygtige og engagerede undervisere. At vi så samtidig havde et super hold er kun et ekstra plus :-)"

Susan Redder Bruun, Yogalæreuddannelse 2017/2018

"Det har været en hel fantastisk rejse at være på Yogauddannelsen hos LagoCph
Selv med mine næsten 20 års erfaring med Yoga, har jeg lært ubeskriveligt meget, som jeg både kan bruge i min egen praksis og i den fremtidige undervisning.
LagoCph er et super professionelt sted at tage en Yogauddannelse.
Top engagerede undervisere som støtter dig 100% i den udvikling som der i løbet af de 10 måneder.
Har nydt hvert øjeblik

Tak, Hilsen Dorthe"

Yogauddannelse start jan 17

"Tusind tak for et helt fantastisk forløb. Jeg er stadig helt høj over den transformation det har været at deltage på yogalæreruddannelsen. For mig personligt har det været guld værd at uddannelsen er delt ud over 9 moduler, så jeg har kunne bruge tiden i mellem til at fordybe mig, øve og fordøje. Indholdet i uddannelsen har været spændende, vedkommende og intelligent sammensat."

Laura, Yogalæreruddannelse, 200 timer, slut oktober 2017

"This YTT in Costa Rica was nothing short of life changing. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I cannot express my gratitude.

I loved the structure of the course, the teaching of the alignment, anatomy and sequencing. They have given me a very in depth understanding of the body and movement. The classes on yoga philosophy were so enlightening and provided a wonderfully informative base for which to build my classes around.

The inclusion of the Thai massage taught me so much about the body, the muscles and how to touch the student to align their poses and activate the right muscles.

Peter is a fantastic teacher with a vast knowledge of the body, an brilliant teaching style and never ending passion.

One of the best things I have ever done, I cannot recommend this course enough!"

Costa Rica YTT Anamaya oct. 2017- Alex Robinson

"This yoga teacher training has changed my life forever. I expected to do yoga all day, everyday and my “expectations” were meant to say the least. Not only did we learn about the anatomy and alignment of the human body, we went in depth of meditation. I’ve been mediating for awhile before I came here & I’ve learned more about myself in 3 weeks than I have in a whole year of mediation. I’ve grown from this whole experience where I’m able to guide my own students through the beautiful practice of yoga. The staff of Anamaya, teacher Peter, and all students in my class have touched my heart in so many ways. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience in this training, my “expectations” turned into trusting intuition and letting go of attachments. Being truly present with the now. Namaste! Sabrina..."

YTT Costa Rica Oct. 2017

"I will forever be a changed person after this yoga teacher training. This experience ignited something inside of me - something that I had never been able to tap into before. I feel more peace with myself and others than I ever have in my entire life. I learned so much. I will never forget this amazing experience. Thank you Peter!"

Kelsey, Anamaya YTT, Sept. 30-Oct. 21 with Peter

"Loved peters way of teaching the anatomy of the body, alignment, techniques and adjustments.
Everything about this training was life transforming! Especially the evening workshops. Lots of love and support from Peter as well at the group of people he works with to make these trainings possible and unique. Would recommend training from Peter to anyone with a passion for yoga!"

Michelle Disley, Yoga Teacher Training Anamaya, October/2017

"Jeg er meget begejstret for kurset og har fået stort udbytte af det. Det var utrolig godt og givende og kom hele vejen rundt…lige fra historisk, kulturel tilgang, hele mennesket og indstillingen til livet til behandlerrollen og det praktiske arbejde…imponerende 🙂
Det var rigtig godt bygget op med egen fordybelse, teori og praktisk arbejde og øvelse selv."

Anne Gram, Yoga-massage kursus uge 27 2017

"En lille sjov historie; jeg har knogleskørhed, og bliver derfor målt meget nøjagtigt 2 x om året på hospitalet, fordi de holder øje med om jeg falder sammen. Der er bare sket det denne gang, at jeg pludselig er blevet 2 cm højere:-). De var slet ikke i tvivl om, at det er fordi jeg er begyndt at dyrke yoga. Jeg kan også slev mærke at min holdning har ændret sig, og min ryg har det væsentlig bedre.

Så, Uddhiyana Bandha er min nye goe ven!! Det er det bedste jeg har lært meget længe."

Yoga Workshop on Bandhas, Lene L. Bech, Maj 2017

"På min teacher training oplevede jeg et dejligt nærvær af lærerne, hvor indlæring kunne foregå på en rolig og not-fancy måde. Det tilegnede stof blev enkelt at integrere gradvist i min egen undervisning af elever. Anatomien bag yoga blev så enkelt forklaret at det ikke blev et problem at forstå. Og så blev jeg helt grebet af filosofien undervejs - det kom helt bag på mig, hvor spændende men omfangsrigt det er. Så derfor satte jeg stor pris på afstanden mellem modulerne, da der er så meget der skal ”fordøjes” undervejs. Fordelingen af de 200 timer gjorde forløbet langt, og netop det blev en stor fordel for mig, som ikke kendte til Yoga sutras før jeg startede."

Maj-Britt Burholt, Teacher Training Maj 2016 holdet

"Jeg har taget en yogalæreruddannelse ved LagoCph fra Maj 2016-2017. Det har været fantastisk lærerigt og givende. Jeg rejste fra Aalborg én weekend om måneden og så snart jeg trådte ind i LagoCph duftede der af nærvær, og det gav en umiddelbar følelse af glæde og lethed. Indholdet på uddannelsen har været rigtig godt, og jeg oplever at have fået et helt perspektiv på yogaen - en begyndelse til resten af mit liv.
Uddannelsen er bygget op på en super god måde med moduler, hjemmearbejde og opgaver. Man lærer gennem sin krop og sit sind både på modulerne og imellem. Strukturen er gennemskuelig og naturlig. Underviserne er kompetente og ægte.
Jeg vil til enhver tid anbefale LagoCPH som uddannelsessted, til at praktisere sin yoga og til workshops."

Anne-Mette Winther Christiansen

"Kære Peter, Jeg ydmygt takker. Tak, for et helt fantastisk indblik i yogaens verden! Jeg er så glad for at jeg valgte netop din skole. Du har en ganske særlig måde at undervise på og det har fået mig til at se på undervisere med nye øjne, og vil helt sikkert selv stræbe efter at være en underviser af din kaliber, som kan guide eleverne ind i stillingerne, os selv bevare overblikket og kunne være tilstede i rummet og give dem en ro i, at de er i gode hænder, også når de kommer ud i nogle uhensigtsmæssige stillinger, som man kan hjælpe dem med at finde anatomisk ret ind i. Jeg er dig personligt meget taknemmelig og er glad for at have lært dig lidt at kende. Du er unik og et dejligt menneske, med værdierne det rette sted. Jeg er også super taknemmelig for din feedback - det har jeg taget ind og til mig og glæder mig nu bare til at dyrke yoga for nydelsen og det meditative, dernæst til at komme ud at undervise lidt her og der, for at vedligeholde det.

Vi ses helt sikkert igen, snarere før end siden.

De kærligste hilsner

Nita, Yogalæreruddannelse, Juni 2106

"Skønne og dygtige lærere som virkelig brænder for at lære fra sig .
Jeg anbefaler dette sted hvis man vil have en grundig anatomisk viden og samtidig have styr på sin egen yogaformidling fremadrettet.
Af hjertet tak, Maria Aakjær"

Maria Aakjær nyuddannet Yogalærer fra LagoCPH 2016

"En livsbekræftende uddannelse. Dukkede meget pludseligt op en torsdag hvor jeg ville prøve yoga "et andet sted"... En mulighed som bare var ”rigtig” da jeg mødtes med Peter fire dage senere. Den første beslutning, i mange år, hvor det hele vejen igennem har føltes helt ”perfekt” og ”rigtig”. 🙂 Forløbet har gjort det muligt for mig at finde helt ind til min sårbarhed, og faktisk herved genfinde min styrke. Mit liv er blevet mere livligt. - Super godt med undervisning fra 3 lærere, det har givet en god helhed med de forskellige indgangsvinkler til yogaen. - Godt med fordybelse, ved månedlige opgaver- Dygtige Lærer -Efterkurser med fordybelse vil blive taget imod med kys hånd. TAK FOR ALT, virkelig tak!"

Kirstine Nygaard Olsen

"En fantastisk uddannelse som jeg kun kan anbefale andre! Jeg vil savne weekenderne i Lago."

Julie Pilgaard Nielsen Marts – hold 2015

"Uddannelsen har både været en personlig og faglig rejse. Der var fokus på alignment, asanas og undervisning og ligeledes har det været fokus på det spirituelle. Yogaen har i løbet af uddannelsen får mig forplantet sig fra at være en praksis på måtten til at være en integreret del af min hverdag også udover måtten. Det har været en god og udfordrende rejse, som jeg glæder mig til at forstætte herfra."

Nicole Wickenhauser, Yogalæreruddannelse – 14 februar 2016

"Det har været en spændende uddannelse og rejse hvor mit mål med at gå igang med uddannelsen var at få spiritualiteten og filosofien omkring yoga OG få alignment og mere viden på hvad asanas er i forhold til min yogapraksis - og det har jeg fået opfyldt.
Jeg har været frustreret, glad, træt, opgivende, irriteret, forundret, blevet fysisk stærkere, i udvikling mentalt og fået flyttet grænser. Anatomi og alignment undervisningen har været super spændende og på højt niveau. Filosofien har været super spændende og sat mange tanker igang om livet og hverdagen som jeg tager med mig og vil dykke længere ind i fremover.
Namaste - Birgitte Tindborg"

Birgitte Tindborg, Yogalæreruddannelse – 14 februar 2016

"Det har været en mega udfordrende og udviklende rejse. Indimellem har jeg været helt i tvivl om det nu var den rigtige uddannelse for mig. Nu sidder jeg her og er igennem en fantastisk uddannelse/rejse som har givet så meget mening for mig. Undervisningen af vores 3 vildt dygtige lærere, har været så inspirerende. Enormt udviklende, fantastisk meget viden og rigtig meget at bygge videre på. Dette er kun begyndelse på en fantastisk rejse.
Namasté Elizabeth"

Elizabeth, Yogalæreruddannelse – 14 februar 2016

"Rigtig god og grundig uddannelse, med dygtige underviserere. Jeg har lært utroligt meget, og glæder mig til fortsat at gøre yogaens veje til en integreret del af mit liv og min undervisning.


Yogalæreruddannelse – 14 februar 2016

"Peter is a phenomenal instructor, with the perfect balance of a practical, precise approach to alignment and anatomy balanced by an amazing spiritual, creative, transformative style of preparing teachers for instruction. The course was very thorough and I feel equipped with a wealth of knowledge for my future teaching career. I have found that this training has be the perfect platform for starting my own business and I feel confident, empowered and supported as a teacher and founder."

Millie Ross, YTT Costa Rica Oct. 2015

"Fantastisk uddannelse med dygtige inspirerende lærere!"

Anne-Sophie (Fie), Marts-hold 2015

"I am so glad I signed up for this course. The training was filled with fascinating and useful information - both on theoretical and practical levels - and taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The teachers are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. A great first step in the professional yoga world."

Lauriane Camus, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, March-December 2015, 11.12.15

"My experience at Anamaya with Peter Kaaberbol´s 200hr YTT was life-changing. Peter is a phenomenal instructor, with the perfect balance of a practical, precise approach to alignment and anatomy balanced by an amazing spiritual, creative, transformative style of preparing teachers for instruction. Peter is warm and funny, and incredibly approachable. He truly cares about his students and has a wonderful sense of humour. The course was very thorough and I feel equipped with a wealth of knowledge for my future teaching career. The fact that we were able to be qualified as both Thai Massage therapists and instructors in just 1 month was amazing. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to study under Peters guidance."

Millie Ross, Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica October 2015

"I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful month. The things I learned, people I met and experiences we shared will stay with me forever, and I am eternally grateful. I could not have wished for a more clear, knowledgeable and patient teacher, both on and off the mat. Peter is a source of great wisdom and inspiration and I feel truly blessed to have studied under him. It is vital to have strong and empathetic guidance during such a transformational month and Peter was perfect.
Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica, Oct. 2015"

Serena Louth

"Participating in this training/experience opened my being in a way I couldn’t imagine. It made me believe in the beauty of being and made me more curious about it. I know it’s limitless. Now, I only want to experience it as much as I can, and to create my life just from this purity. Thank you so much. Lots of love to Peter. Love your spirit. Alma Peguero"

Alma Pequero

"Participating in this training/experience opened my being in a way I couldn’t imagine. It made me believe in the beauty of being and made me more curious about it. I know it’s limitless. Now, I only want to experience it as much as I can, and to create my life just from this purity. Thank you so much. Lots of love to Peter. Love your spirit. Alma Peguero"

Alma Pequero

"My experience during the Yoga Teacher Training was beyond words, hands down the most amazing experience of my life. "

Kandance Patterson

"Denne læreruddannelsen har fuldstændig uddybet min forståelse af asanas, Men også hvordan yoga er ikke bare asanas- det er, hvordan vi bruger åndedrættet, opfører sig overfor andre, behandler os selv og forbindelsen til verden. Lige så meget som jeg værdsætter det fysiske i denne træning, har den åndelige og psykologiske vækst i uddannelsen været uvurderlig. "

Hanne Thiesen

"Der findes ingen ord til at beskrive hvor fantastisk denne yoga læreruddannelse er. Så godt struktureret og vi lært alt hvad vi behøver at vide for at være så forberedt som muligt for det fremtidige arbejde. Vi havde "store" filosofi klasser hvor Peter udfordrer vores sind og hjerte og vores hjerte blev åbnet. Denne Yoga lærer uddannelse ændret den måde, jeg ser på mig selv og min praksis og de mennesker og verden omkring mig . Jeg ville ikke have ændret noget med det , for mig var det bare perfekt indpakket i kærlighed!"

Antonia Genda, Norge

"Jeg har valgt LagoCph fordi her er en dejlig jordbunden atmosfære, rigtig hyggeligt og med fokus på både massage og anatomi under uddannelsen."

Sofie Rasmussen, 43 år

Introduktion til Yogalæreruddannelse!

Onsdag d. 19 maj - 2021 kl. 20 - ca. 21.30
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i LagoCph´s studie i københavn.